Why choose us?

The Kershaw legacy

Descendants of Tainui, Takitimu, Aotea and Horouta Waka Tom and Lil Kershaw founded Kershaw Training Enterprises in 1988.

32 years on,  we continue to be a training provider that is both family-owned and operated.

We live to help students of all ages gain the skills they need to achieve their career goals.

Life doesn’t always go to plan, but founder Lillian Kershaw long understood the power of a plan B and today, her team of tutors continue that hopeful belief in second chances.

Meet our team

Lana Kershaw

Lana Kershaw

Wāhine Kaha | Amazonian Badass | Queen of Sass

Once General Manager Lana has your back, there’s no giving up!  Not only will she ‘get’ you, she’s ‘got you’ 100% too.

Kaaran Kershaw

Kaaran Kershaw

Kāitiaki | Fisher of Men | Straight Shooter

Kershaw’s Business Manager is secretly called a ‘human creme egg’.  He works hard, plays hard and is a man of his word.

Esta                            Metekingi

Esta Metekingi

Wāhine Toa | Financial Kahuna | Education Maestro

Our Intensive Literacy & Numeracy Tutor and Director knows all about big dreams.  No one will care more, for yours.

Aimee Joy

Aimee Joy

Tribe Connector | Vibe Creator| Admin Maestro

Your goals are in safe hands with Amy.  Our girl-friday is fair, empathetic and trustworthy, she connects with everyone.

Lili-Anne Kershaw-Smiler

Lili-Anne Kershaw-Smiler

Mana Wāhine | Vibe Architect | Joy Enforcer

No-one does joy better than our queen of sprinkles and inspiration, and Head of Marketing & Media.

Chick Tarawa-Rameka

Chick Tarawa-Rameka

Taonga Protector | Dream Architect | Fun Instigator

To tutor Chick, everyone is whanua.  Her mission?  Making you feel safe, valued and supported as you learn.

Taane Te Koi

Taane Te Koi

Te Tama ā Tāne Whakapiri | Tikanga Māori Advocate

Our resident batman (and Head Tutor of Building & Construction) leads by example, fuelled by the wellbeing of his whanau and yours.

Madisen Tarawa

Madisen Tarawa

Tama Toa | Carver | K-Pop Legend

Batman’s ‘Robin’ of Building and Construction, Peer Tutor Madsen’s easy-going, friendly nature and mad carver skills, make him a student favourite.

We’re ready!  Are you?


Tribe vibes

Awhi Wymer

Very helpful people with upskilling and helping to find a job 10/10

Sammy Shaw

Friendly place and helpful for me finding a job.  Nice and clean inside and trusting people

Erina Babbington

Loving, knowledgeable, understanding staff.  Great learning environment.  Huge opportunities.  Fun-filled days of learning.  Absolutely awesome learning new things every day.  Motivated every day to attend in a positive environment.