Our Tribe

Kershaw Training understands the power of community.  When we work together, amazing things happen.  For everyone.  Our community connections extend throughout Aotearoa.  Those pathways become yours when you enrol.  

From support with further education, to employment opportunities, career mentoring, work experience, government assistance and chances to build friendships through service, you will receive all the whakahauhau (encouragement) you need to empower your success.


How grateful we are for each of our support networks.  They contribute in ways that strengthen the manaakitanga and aroha you feel daily.


These are the businesses, organisations and humans that assist us in helping your dreams come true. They’re the family you need to help you get life-fit.

It takes a village

Are you a business looking to get more involved?  Do you need some helping hands?  Get in touch.  We’d love to see what magic we can do together!


Tribe vibes

Awhi Wymer

Very helpful people with upskilling and helping to find a job 10/10

Sammy Shaw

Friendly place and helpful for me finding a job.  Nice and clean inside and trusting people

Erina Babbington

Loving, knowledgeable, understanding staff.  Great learning environment.  Huge opportunities.  Fun-filled days of learning.  Absolutely awesome learning new things every day.  Motivated every day to attend in a positive environment.