What we can Offer you!

Here at Kershaw Training Enterprises, we do things differently.

We have small classes so you get valuable tutor time to really help you grasp key skills and knowledge.

Our experienced tutors are carefully chosen for their experience and qualifications and undergo ongoing training so they’re up to play with the latest technology and skills for today’s workforce.

We don’t just sit in the classroom! We incorporate industry visits and work experience relative to your chosen career so you can really get skills that will apply to the career you’re heading for.

So if school didn’t work out for you, or you think you need to get your skills up to scratch before you take the leap into your dream career, come in and talk to us.

We're not about making the decision for you, we're all about finding out what path you need to travel to get to your dream career.

Kershaw's is the first rung on your ladder of success!

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What we can Offer you!

Kershaw’s students get so much more than your regular course. You get supportive, friendly and best of all, experienced tutors. You get a small classroom that allows us to spend the time with you helping you grasp each concept quicker. You get skills that enable you to get straight into work – from day one! Start your career with Kershaws.